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  • Lysa Galafres

Authority figures

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

it fascinates me how authority figures still can make me lose my direction. My Physical system gets over rided and later when I look back at the situation I can see clearly what happened. It's like a "freeze" moment. One of the survival mechanisms we as human can take to when we don't fight or fly/ escape. Feeling into that space is like being a child again. I also get angry thinking "how dare you use your profession to dominate me". Feeling dominated is a trigger for me. In a good way it helps me get in contact with my power, on the other side it shows me my weaker spots where I'm not being fully grounded in myself. So I live and I learn, I run my hand over my own check and say "it's ok". We can always feel, release, let ourselves be transformed and learn new ways of doing things.

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