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About LYSA

The words "Kissed by Grace" came to me a few years ago. In my life of yoga practice and self recovery the real feeling of "Surrender" has always been a guiding star for me. Something happens in that moment when you let go and surrender, and for me it is a feeling of being "Kissed by Grace". In that moment there is a melting point or pollination of something bigger than me touching my innermost core of the person I am, with all that I am, revealed and vulnerable. In those moments I realise how utterly loved I am. There is nothing wrong with me, that I am beautiful and that I love myself. I have found that the process of revealing my innermost core is a very basic yet profound way of living life with more grace, with more of the feeling of "WHOOHOO!, I am beautiful"!

As time passed by I thought about what I wanted to do with my life, I did not have a clue. By the grace of my lucky star I found the perfect educations in the fields of yoga and addiction and I felt like I had found my calling. I saw how it all came together. My life had given me the perfect circumstances to churn my inner glow. I felt how my scholarship was anchored and bloomed out of my own life experience.


My work is to provide a process, a ritual of yoga, surrender and emotional sobriety.  For you to reveal the beauty of who you are. To allow your own truth and unique emotional imprint and to learn how to live with that in peace.  


Lysa Galafres emotional sobriety

The truth will set you free

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